Food And Drink

Calling all Foodies... come tempt your palate with new delicacies and spirit concoctions. Choose from one of our food and drink experience packages and leave them with a lasting taste of a-maz-ing!

Find the inner chef, tap into what’s on tap, or hop on a cruise of culinary creativity. Whichever experience you choose, the time spent will last for a lifetime and beyond!

Brewery Tour

For the brew-lover on your gift list, a brewery tour is an excellent way to spend the day. Hop on the hops trail to see how microbrews are made while enjoying the day together.

Our tours are designed to give you a customized view into how beer is brewed and bottled. Not only is it an awesome way to spend time; it is educational, too!

Dining Cruises

Come onboard, sit back, relax, and take in the sightseeing Dinner Cruise. Enjoy an amazing sunset cocktail hour followed by an evening of dinner and dancing under the stars and far, far away from the everyday.

Cooking Class

Want to heat things up a little? Take a cooking class and find your inner chef. If you have someone on your gift-giving list who enjoys fine dining and culinary arts, this experience will be one they won’t quickly forget.

Learning the various techniques for how to handle the kitchen is a gift that keeps giving and a perfect way to spend focused time together to create intimacy working as one.

Wine Tours and Tasting

Have someone with a discriminating palate on your gift-giving list? Forego simply wrapping a bottle of their favorite vino - spend the day tasting different wine pairings.

There is something so romantic about being amidst the grapevines that go on for days and the allure of perfectly crafted fine wine. Find what drives your loved one's thirst and bring home select bottles to enjoy together while you reminisce about the day you spent discovering the art of winemaking.

Foodie Tour

The way to a person’s heart truly is through their stomach, especially for the foodie on your gift-giving list. Why take them to dinner when you can take them for many dinners all combined into one? Forget about figuring out whether they want Mexican or Italian, and let them have a taste of it all.

The most incredibly crafted cuisine awaits you. Our foodie experience is one that you - and your stomach - won’t soon forget. And it’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

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