About Us

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We help people give experiences that create unforgettable memories. We offer extraordinary experiences in the USA that are perfect for all occasions, holidays, and celebrations. All of our experience gifts are presented as gift certificates redeemable at the leisure of the recipient.

USA Experience Gifts

Shifting the way that we see "gifts" in our lives

We value experiences over stuff and memories over material possessions. When you move away from buying more stuff as gifts, you start to create opportunities for memories that will bring you and the people you care about closer together. Let us inspire you with experiences ranging from relaxing to thrilling; adventurous to cultural - experiences for every taste and budget starting at $15.00.

Experiencing Life to the Fullest is What Matters

When we leave this earth, we don’t get to take all the “things" that we collected with us. When we are gone, all the trinkets and heirlooms that we have are left for those left behind - but the true gifts that we take with us are the memories that we build. In the end, the times we spend experiencing life to the fullest are what matter. Have bold ambitions, explore life's opportunities, take chances, aim higher, be courageous, and live life to the fullest.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Not Just for a Lifetime, But Forever!

And with this concept, we created USA Experience Gifts to provide enriching experiences that are new and different and help you live a more fulfilling life through our exciting and amazing experiences. After all, you only live once so come live it up with us.